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A.K.Singh & Co. (Law Offices)

We are a New Delhi based fully independent and commercial Litigation Law Firm dedicated to Legal Services to its domestic and international clients, which include individual, multinational, public and private companies and other corporate entities, across the country since April, 2008. Our Law Firm has a versatile and efficient team of advocates/lawyers who are specially trained and have distinguished experience in their own specific area of laws. Our team of advocates is divided into four tier viz. Trial court team, High Court Team, Supreme Court Team and Back Office Team. Back office team provides pleading and drafting services at every level to our clients.

Besides the above, the law firm has a dedicated team of other professionals including corporate lawyers, company secretaries, chartered accountants, Trade Mark Attorneys & Corporate Consultants etc with the specific industry expertise and also work in collaboration with many renowned Consultancy Firms, Law Firms & varopis professionals across the Country so that we can provide comprehensive legal services to our client under any area of law and before any court of Law etc.”

Our team believes that in the context of the present world economic order, the legal profession plays a valuable and constructive role than ever before. The changes in the economic climate in the world especially in India have brought about a change in the traditional role of the lawyer. Today, the role of lawyers is not limited to defending the rights of their clients but to also ensure that litigation is minimized. Today, there are more lawyers engaged in international business and finance procedures than ever before. The need for specialist services has emerged and is especially needed in addressing complex issues of international trade and international corporate matters especially with growth in e-commerce. Thus our team of lawyers strives for legal excellence as well as appreciates the commercial and corporate environment in which its clients operate.

We have special team of lawyers/advocates who operates exclusively in litigation at various stages from the institution of case, its pleadings, evidences, investigation, trial, revision, appellate etc. under any area of laws viz. Civil Laws, Matrimonial Laws, Criminal Laws, Corporate Laws, Cyber Laws, Media and Telecommunication Laws, IPR, banking laws, consumer laws, Divorce laws, Matrimonial Laws, Custody of Child cases, Maintenance and Alimony cases etc.

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A.K.Singh & Co. (Law Offices) is a New Delhi (India) based exclusive Litigation Law Firm dedicated to Litigation Services and serve our domestic and international clients, which include Individuals, Public and Private Companies, Multinational Companies, PSUs and other corporate entities, across the Country, since April, 2008. We primarily practice before Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi. We frequently visit also High Courts of Mumbai, Ahmedabad & Bangalore.

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Ashok K Singh
Mr. Singh is the founder member and the Managing partner of the firm, A. K. SINGH & CO. (Law Offices). He has the vide expertise over the matters related to Civil & Commercial Disputes etc.
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We are widely covered by Indian media including print as well as electronic media Our idea is "Justice for all" should prevail, irrespective of the financial condition or social strata of the litigant or victim.